Kawaii Hell: Food Erasers

Japanese citizens of every age, sex, and orientation devour the small and cute like Pac-man at an 8-bit buffet. Search the desks of even the highest, well-to-do Salaryman at a Japanese business firm, and you are bound to find Haruhi Suzumiya statuettes, bright pink mini Sanrio staplers, and, yes, rubber food shaped erasers.

I found these at a craft store while searching for parts for a sibling’s school project. What tipped me off that they were otaku-friendly exports were the pork buns, Ramen bowls, and bento boxes mixed in among the hamburgers and hot dogs. At a dollar each, the food items are the perfect size to be served up by a busty PVC figure of a maid or a cat girl, if you are so inclined.


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