Ever try Pocky?

A snack food favored by anime characters and otaku alike, Pocky consists of thin biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate. In America they are widely available in Japanese markets, as well as stores such as f.y.e. that cater to anime enthusiasts. In my case, trips to Mitsuwa have yielded various flavors, including strawberry, milk coffee, almond, cheesecake, matcha (green tea) and even men’s Pocky (dark chocolate).

However, if you can’t find a place that sells Pocky, you can always try making your own.


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  1. I’ve tried making my own before and just want to point out to anyone reading this that it turns out so much better. You can make flavors that you cant find and add as much on the biscuit as you want! Oh, and it’s so much cheaper too!

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