Sgt Frog

The world is under attack. From a galaxy far, far away, a new threat has come to conquer and destroy the planet. A small threat, a green threat…and one that does chores. And croaks.

The threat is none other than Sgt. Keroro, an amphibious alien whose attempt to invade Japan fails miserably, leaving him in the clutches of the Hinata household. Fuyuki Hinata, an occult fanatic, is fascinated by the invader.  His elder sister, Natsumi, despises and  distrusts the  slippery alien menace and quickly becomes his biggest threat. Their mother, Aki, is a manga editor and decides Keroro is the perfect inspiration for her latest work. He’s permitted  to stay…under the condition that he does all the household chores. However, the frog has more nefarious interests…like eating junk food. And building Gundam models. And taking over the world.

Adapted from the manga of Mine Yoshizaki, this anime series is one of the craziest and funniest things ever to come out of the land of the rising sun. I had waited a long time for ADV (RIP) to release the dub (or at the very least, a decent sub) and feared the worst when that company went belly up. However, Funimation saved the day, rescuing the frog (and several other franchises), even providing a test episode to get viewer feedback. The resulting dub replaces the japanese pop references with American ones, lampooning everything from 24 to Star Trek, although keeping most of the gags that well-trained otaku would recognize. Making things even better is that the dub has been released in DVD half-season sets (meaning paying $30 for 13 episodes, as opposed to 4). Or watch it on Hulu.

Fun Fact: Keroro actually made his first American appearance on TV on the show Heroes. The character Hiro keeps a statue of Sgt. Frog on his desk.


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