Dem Rep: “Two Nukes Not Enough”

Facebooking is hard to do, something New Hampshire State Rep. Nick Levasseur is learning the hard way. Yesterday, Levasseur wrote on his status “Anime is a prime example of why two nukes just wasn’t enough.”

Wait,  what?

The  Republican party, naturally, jumped on this, calling the Representative’s remarks ‘hateful’ and insensitive to the Japanese people, and for once, I have to agree with them. Disliking Anime is one thing, but saying that an entire country should have been nuked because of it? Did Goku pee in this guy’s cereal, or something? Did Lupin the 3rd steal his car? What exactly would possess him to say something like that? Unfortunately, no details as of yet have been provided on the context for the original comment, although he did issue an apology soon afterward (it reeks more of “I’m sorry I got caught,” than anything else). Let’s just hope the rest of the Dems in New Hampshire have the good sense to oust him before he embarrasses them again.


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