End of Semester Report

The past few months have been an interesting experience for me, as it has been the first time I kept up with a blog on a regular basis. And now, I have something  to confess: this blog was started as part of an online journalism class. In fact, everything you’ve read so far has been judged and graded by a professor at Rowan University. Being given the  option to end the blog, I’ve decided to keep it going (having almost 900 hits at this point, I figure somebody’s got to be reading it).

On going back over what I’ve done so far, the Greg Ayres Interview stands out, not only because it recieved a good deal of traffic, but because of how fortunate I was to get it. The Lolicon article was the most popular by far, being a controversial subject, and a complicated issue in the anime community. The “Two Nukes Not Enough” article got some traffic, as I caught  the story as it was catching on.

A personal favorite was the U-Con at  UCONN photo post, because it was my first time covering  an anime convention.

The post I worked hardest on was easily The Anime Tour of New York.

Now that the semester is over, I’ll be dividing my time between Otaku’s Delight and  my two other blogs, The Witches Dance and The Cinema Cell, and will not be updating as frequently. However, I  still have plenty of reviews lined up, along with an article on the history of anime, so stay tuned.


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