My Balls

I put off reviewing manga all this time, and when I finally get around to  it, what do I end up choosing as my topic?

My Balls.

No, seriously, that’s the American title.

Ah, harem manga. As with harem anime, the object of the writer is to appease a horde of virginal loser males (ie, the audience) by presenting an impossibly ludicrous situation, in which one such loser male is, by a freak occurence, occult conspiracy, or just plain dumb luck, hunted down and romanced by a bevy of highly attractive females, whether he likes  it or not.

The provocative title of the work in question only hints at  the gleefully obscene concept invented for said loser protagonist. The year is 20xx (don’t ask), and the malevolent Queen of Terror conspires to bring about the  end of the world in a torrent of bloodshed. An angel of light tries to save humanity by trapping the Queen forever in an enchanted orb, sealing her inside with a heavenly arrow…only to miss, and hit the crotch of Satou Kohta, the virginal loser protagonist, who at the time happened to be urinating  against a tree nearby. The angel then reveals to a mystified Kohta that the fate of the world now rests on his, eh, shoulders, for the queen is now trapped inside his testicles. In order to keep the world safe, Kohta must abstain from sowing his wild oats in any way, for a period of thirty days, or the Queen will escape. Que the seductive denizens of hell, who are out to free their Queen by any means necessary, including tempting Kohta to “free the  beast” at  every opportunity, using mind games (such as making his co-worker crush’s wardrobe become transparent), physical and mental abuse, and even downright trying to rape him. Isn’t love wonderful?

I guess the artwork is okay. Its typical for a manga of this type. The lead demon girl Elyse reminds me visually of Etna from Disgaea. There’s plenty of nudity, and uncomfortable situations (more so than normal, at one point, Elyse actually circumcises Kohta in an effort to entice him to do the deed; I can’t help feeling that, were the sexes reversed, the manga would get banned and the manga-ka would be strung up by his own balls…On second thought, considering that this is hentai, women have probably fared much, much worse).

Yes, I understand that this is supposed to be dirty, but hey, sexual assault, even in an ironically reverse way, is still sexual assault.

Overall,  I’d say an interesting piece of erotica, though does appeal more to a sense  of masochism on the  part of male readers, that is, if the title and concept don’t put them off first.


Hot Spots For Anime Culture in South Jersey

If you live in the South Jersey area, where’s the best place to get your Otaku fix? Turns out there are plenty of comic book stores that sell manga, pvc statues and robot model kits, Asian groceries and restaurants that serve the kind of food you’ve only read about in Oishinbo: Japanese Cuisine, and plenty of gaming stores featuring Japanese  titles of all kinds.

Places marked with tacks are those I’ve been to. Green tacks mean the place is highly recomended, blue tacks are okay, but  may not be worth the effort, red tacks should be avoided like the plague.