Carl Macek Passes Away

Anime producer Carl Macek, responsible for the American release  of  such titles as Robotech, Akira and Lady Death, passed away of a heart attack on Saturday.

Along with animation historian Jerry Beck,  Macek started Streamline Pictures in 1988. Streamline is responsible for importing many of the series that made the Anime industry what it is today.

“He will be missed by so many of us,” wrote Greg Ayres on his Facebook page. “The anime industry has truly lost a “Giant”, and one hell of a story teller….Rest In Peace friend.”



Having been busy with school and all, I’ve been neglecting my anime-watching duties. Hopefully, once my classwork settles down, I’ll be able to make it to some comic book stores to explore manga consumption in our area.

Towards the end of April, I’ll be taking another anime tour of New York, and will have loads of pics and stories from that. Meanwhile, I’ve managed to score an interview with voice actor Greg Ayres, which I’ll have for you by monday.

Coming up tonight: Lolicon and the censorship of anime in America.


Unfortunately, due to issues with getting  the pics developed (this is why I should have used a digital camera) I wont be able to post my coverage of UCON until Thursday.

In the meantime, check out footage of the Nostalgia Critic’s panel at UCON.