Nerd Brigade in Session

Lord Kat (left), being eaten by the necronomicon.

This past Saturday, a  friend and I, along with other Soldiers of Kickassia –  that is, fans of  That Guy With The Glasses –  converged on New York to meet with Lord Kat, gaming  enthusiast and critic for TGWTG.  The meeting, which involved a mass exodus of nerds following Kat through the streets of NYC to Bryant Park, was intended to be a small  group affair, but drew over 40 devoted followers. Kat answered questions and shared anecdotes about his work, particularly TGWTG’s recent 2 year anniversary crossover special, Kickassia.


Hot Spots For Anime Culture in South Jersey

If you live in the South Jersey area, where’s the best place to get your Otaku fix? Turns out there are plenty of comic book stores that sell manga, pvc statues and robot model kits, Asian groceries and restaurants that serve the kind of food you’ve only read about in Oishinbo: Japanese Cuisine, and plenty of gaming stores featuring Japanese  titles of all kinds.

Places marked with tacks are those I’ve been to. Green tacks mean the place is highly recomended, blue tacks are okay, but  may not be worth the effort, red tacks should be avoided like the plague.